Sunday, 10 June 2012


Back again for little bit of blogging. My artwork seems to have taken a back seat at the moment as it is so hot and I need to acclimatise again. I do this every year. Always saying the same thing "it's much hotter this year than it was last year this time" but no it's not, it's always the same HOT HOT HOT.........
I can't believe it was only last weekend, that we all were watching the Diamond Jubilee on the telly. It's the first time in all the years I have lived here (23 years phew!!!!) that I would have liked to have been back in rainy England being part of the momentous occasion. Even in the rain!!!!!! am I mad or what? The river pageant was wonderful. We had a few small parties out here with fetes, bunting the lot. But it?s just not the same.

We have even had to have our poor dog clipped because of the heat. He isn't liking it at all. I think he feels a bit like Goliath. It has sapped his strength.

This is what I have been up to this week. I'm still playing with the salt & cling film.

This is a close up of Larry the supposedly white llamas head. It's not to great a shot of him really.

This is one of my journal pages. This ones for you Virginia I said the giraffe would be named after you so here's GINTY. There's still work to be done here. As usual.......

It is a two page spread. So it will take me double the time to finish. Knowing how I work it will be in a few years time.
 Well off I trot to get myself a nice cool drink. I think I deserve it.