Sunday, 5 May 2013

More Mail Me Some Art

The brief for the next project for Mail Me Some Art was to alter a playing card or cards. So, that is what I have been doing of late. I didn't  realize how difficult it was going to be. But in the end they worked out OK.  Below are the ones I am sending to America to be swapped. I also made small envelopes for them all. But forgot to take pictures of them.
You have to leave part of the card showing so everyone knows it is a playing card that has been altered. I have used some of the makeshift gelli plate backgrounds that I have been experimenting with on most of the cards. I have to do something with them!!!!!

These cards have really taxed me as it's such a small scale to work with. But I have really enjoyed the experience.

This one I made a small tag and glued it to the card. Again  I used a background from my stockpile or mountain as my husband calls it of makeshift gelli plate prints.

All sorts of things going on here.

Background print again plus embellishment sewn on. I painted the card with black gesso first.

This one is cut out of piece of old artwork that I had laying around.

Again part of an old piece of artwork.

Here I stuck five cards together. On the front card I added a brad and the usual stickles and tulip paints.
 Well now I am up and ready for the next challenge that is to produce a postcard size piece of art but, the colour has to be varying shades of red. Well here we go again taxing my very small brain. I think it's down to MMSA that I have got my mojo back..........

Hey Jen if you do get round to reading this post I hope my blog is still running along the same lines as before and you can leave comments as normal.We can only see????? Fingers crossed. I?m still struggling with yours. What has happened?????