Sunday, 27 May 2012

The sun has got his hat on !!!!!!!!!!

Hello there all. Got up really early this morning. Have got all my jobs done. So now I can sit down and enjoy myself. A little blog hopping, a little painting, a little radio listening, perhaps even a little telly watching. Who knows, a little bit of what you fancy does you good so they say.......
My husband John is really on the mend now after his meeting with the huge Mastiff dog. Our little dog has stopped shaking also. That is until the next firework goes off. Living in Spain that's a problem. So he will sit shake in the shower tray in our en-suite until he thinks it's safe to come out.

Here he is Ronaldo. I have used watercolour both in tube and liquid. It was sprayed with water then cling film scrunched up and left to dry. I then resprayed and left sea salt on it to dry. Brushed it off and then went to work.

You can see here where the salt did its job. I love the texture it makes. Amazing what you see just from a blob. Hey ho!!! back off to the drawing board........

I have been reading the magazine "The Artist" of late. There is an article in last months by Jean Haines called " Be brave with watercolour. " I found this article very interesting and had to have had a little go. The result is above. Not brilliant but I am definitely going to try working this way again. Slapping it on using cling film & salt the lot. When the paint was put on  a large yellow blob appeared. Low and behold there he was Ronaldo the rat. Working this way picking out parts of your work to expand on is real fun. I loved it. It might help free up my work a little, hopefully?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Long time away.

Long time no post!!!!!!!
Things have been a little hectic here. My husband and our little rescue dog were attacked by a stray dog. A very large Mastiff  (and massive he was). No fisherman's tale this, size of a small pony??????? or so I have been told. John ended up at the hospital and that has been  on-going ever since. Not from a bite but falling down in the melee. He is now having to have physio everyday. But at least he can walk and drive now. For a week he couldn't do anything. He does have a very fetching strip of cerise pink tape running from the top of his leg to his knee. Just the right colour I thought. Our dog is OK but very nervous. Needless to say the dog was never found. We have reported it to the police. But the huge thing must have gone into hiding.......
Thought I would show you what I have been up to of late.
This is me getting a little messy with spray paints and stencils. Plus a little black gesso.
Still had time to fiddle. While husbands recuperating.

This is the reverse side of the page.

Another page. I have used some texture paste on this, and a few other bits and bobs.

This is an on-going drawing in coloured pencil of a friend of our's cat. I'm afraid it's taken a long time  because I just seem to get bored with it. Oh dear!! shouldn't say that. So every now and then out of the cupboard he comes and sees a little daylight. It sharpens up my pencil skills I suppose.