Sunday, 15 July 2012

Explanation of my Blog name

Hello there everyone, thought I would give you a quick explanation of my blog title. My name as you all know is Melva. The name my parents gave me why I do not know. Whilst being brought up in England it was quite a novelty. People would say that's an unusual name, where did your parents get that from. All I knew was that my mum had a pen friend in America with the same name. On moving to Spain I found quite quickly that it is quite normal. Hence every time I am asked my name here it is greeted with uncontrolled laughter. Much to my concern I had to try and find out why. A trip to the local supermarket was all that was needed. All will be revealed below.
Well here is a self portrait. It's hardly smoked salmon. Check the price I come very cheap. All I can say is the local village name around here is Caravaca which roughly translated is Cow face so perhaps mines not so bad after all ??????

I have been really lazy of late due to work and it being so hot plus I haven't really had the urge but I will show a journal page that have played with.

This believe it or not is a picture of my husband New Years Eve in his lucky bag contents minus flower behind his ear. I then worked up the photo in photo shop. I have added cut outs from magazines then coloured them with oil pastels. The background gesso and watercolour paints. Not a very good picture I am afraid. Will have to try harder.