Monday, 25 February 2013

Long time away!!!!!!!!!

Junk Mail Journal
Well I'm back. Hopefully I have got my mojo back as regards my artwork? I just couldn't seem to get back into it. Around Christmas I bought Carla Sonheim's book Imaginary Animals and I have started to have great fun playing. Instead of taking things so seriously. She really gets you to forget all  your hangups. Saying you don't always have to have everything just so. Just get on with things let go in general. Brings the child out in you. So that's me at the moment. Here is a glimpse of my Junk Journal filled with imaginary animals. The book is made up from old junk mail and postcards, gessoed  then painted and drawn on. The binding I made by dyeing string with acrylic paint (bit messy). I then added some old beads from a broken necklace. So all in all a great time has been had by me.

This Journal is still evolving. Needless to say I can't stop adding things.
This is another project that I have been working on. A small handmade journal. Fiddly but enjoyable.
This journal was made from an old piece of mixed media work of mine.
I think I might turn this into a Birthday Card for a friend of mine?
I have made a little box to put the card into. I can add some quotes later.
Well, bye bye for now. Hope to be back a little sooner next time.