Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Gelli Print Books

I have just received a new book called Gelli Plate Printing by Joan Bess. I followed one of the tutorials for making an Intalio-inspired print. I added a little collage to it as well. I'm happy with how it turned out. The book is really interesting and I will have to try a few more things out.
Here's a few small books made from my Gelli prints.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meal of Melva

My post this time is a little different. Just to give you a little glimpse of what happens in our sleepy little village on a Saturday morning.
As you no doubt all know my name is Melva. So hereby hangs the tale.
My husband came home on Friday and said he was going out for lunch on Saturday. He would be going out on the horse and cart (not his I might add) with lads /men as they sometimes do  on a Sunday morning for a gentle stroll around the valley and then off to Vicente's for lunch. Wait for it, of Melva. He had a real look of  Hannibal Lector about him Yuck.......They had all decided this is what they wanted to eat. So one of the guys was going to do the cooking of my namesake. I'm sure they all thought it was hysterical. The jokes came thick and fast for John about him eating his wife?????? Well, as I waved him off I had a quick pat down to make sure I wasn't missing any parts. He turned round gave me a sly smile and said, " I'm sure we will wash it down with a nice Chianti oh sorry, no I meant to say Rioja. Ha, Ha, Ha. I Have added some photo's of said meal. Needless to say a good time was had by all.
Having a joke at my expense.

Setting up the table

One of the carts. quite a sedate way to travel in this world of hurry and speed.

Vicente's horse

Children are enjoying themselves.
 So that's my little tale for this week. I will end with one of my latest Gelli prints
Here he is in all his glory. This a gelli print background with the drawing of Tommy the toad done in coloured pencil. I do like working like this.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New artwork

Thought I would just post a few things I have been working on at the moment. As I am now a lady of leisure I have all the time in the world to get in my little room and get messy. Messy room, messy hands, messy work surface lovely!!!!!!!! The gardening can wait!!! The Gelli plate seems to have taken over my life at the moment. Well, ever since I bought one really. You can play for hours.
This as I have said is a Gelli plate background print. I then put an image transfer on the top of it. I masked the girls face. I then used an alphabet stencil which I pushed moulding paste into. Then I splattered with different colours of acrylic paints.

These are various Gelli plate prints apart from the little brown tags. This is a package I have sent off to a mail art friend in the UK. Hope she likes them?

Another Gelli print. This is topped with a handmade stamp that I cut from thin foam I then stuck it onto a piece of thick card I can now use it as a normal stamp. I actually made loads one night whilst watching the telly. Who says woman can't multi task.

This is a card I made for someones birthday. This was zentangled with a Micron pen.
Well my housework awaits amongst other things. Walking the dog, food & gardening. But, painting RULES.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


These are two pieces of paper sculpture that I made from very old tatty paperbacks. With the help of a few tools from my husbands workshop (I put them all back in the correct place, honest). I saw something like them on Pinterest. Thought I would have a go. So no housework later I am now completing the 3rd an orange?????????? They do take sometime to cut out. But patience is a virtue so they say?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brian & Linda's wall

Hello there, thought I would share with you what we wake up to in the mornings of late. This is a picture of my neighbours Brian & Linda's wall at the moment. It makes me smile, it's so cheerful. Brings a bit of colour into our drab lives. It's a Mexican Flame (Pyrostegia venusta). It flowers for a long time and we love to see it. They are both really keen gardeners and they have the most beautiful garden that will soon be coming into it's own.

This is it in all its glory.

It covers the wall down to floor & the other side too.

These are the flowers. They are so lovely bright and cheerful. I love this time of the year........
Well, I'm off to create a masterpiece Ha! Ha!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Here he is how handsome can you get??????
Wills has been drawn onto a gelli plate print with coloured pencils. Well, he makes me smile!!!!!1

Just how handsome can someone be?

Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello there everyone......
I have been at work in my little studio recently. Just hoping that I am back in the zone again.  I have been told my job will be finishing in December so I really must get back into the art world again. Our weather here is just turning to winter, we have been so fortunate this year, it has been so warm through Oct. & Nov. We haven't needed any heating or wood burner so no cleaning the fire out YIPPEE. It has been marvellous. Mind you we have had no rain either, so everyone is complaining about their gardens. The oranges around us and in our garden will definitely not have much juice in them. So perhaps not so much fresh orange juice for breakfast. 

This is a Gelli plate background then I drew Carlito the Camel from a copyright free photo using coloured pencils. I think he looks fun. He's got attitude with those piercings!!!!!!!!

This is a card I made for a Spanish girl to give to her friend & future husband. Her invitations were all black, red & white. So I was asked follow that theme. I have left some tags for her to write her own message on and she can put the wedding present money in the openings- I also made the beads with Gelli print paper & the cards itself is a sheet of printed. I will soon get fed up with using the Gelli Plate (but I doubt it).

These are the start of my Christmas cards. Gelli prints again with embellishments of anything I can find.
Another one of my cards the tri-fold ATC.
Christmas card in the making........
Well Bye for now. Hope to back soon to show more work in progress.