Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brian & Linda's wall

Hello there, thought I would share with you what we wake up to in the mornings of late. This is a picture of my neighbours Brian & Linda's wall at the moment. It makes me smile, it's so cheerful. Brings a bit of colour into our drab lives. It's a Mexican Flame (Pyrostegia venusta). It flowers for a long time and we love to see it. They are both really keen gardeners and they have the most beautiful garden that will soon be coming into it's own.

This is it in all its glory.

It covers the wall down to floor & the other side too.

These are the flowers. They are so lovely bright and cheerful. I love this time of the year........
Well, I'm off to create a masterpiece Ha! Ha!


  1. So lovely. I am so jealous! We are buried under feet of snow with no end in sight!

  2. Gorgeous! I cant wait to see your masterpiece! :) x