Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meal of Melva

My post this time is a little different. Just to give you a little glimpse of what happens in our sleepy little village on a Saturday morning.
As you no doubt all know my name is Melva. So hereby hangs the tale.
My husband came home on Friday and said he was going out for lunch on Saturday. He would be going out on the horse and cart (not his I might add) with lads /men as they sometimes do  on a Sunday morning for a gentle stroll around the valley and then off to Vicente's for lunch. Wait for it, of Melva. He had a real look of  Hannibal Lector about him Yuck.......They had all decided this is what they wanted to eat. So one of the guys was going to do the cooking of my namesake. I'm sure they all thought it was hysterical. The jokes came thick and fast for John about him eating his wife?????? Well, as I waved him off I had a quick pat down to make sure I wasn't missing any parts. He turned round gave me a sly smile and said, " I'm sure we will wash it down with a nice Chianti oh sorry, no I meant to say Rioja. Ha, Ha, Ha. I Have added some photo's of said meal. Needless to say a good time was had by all.
Having a joke at my expense.

Setting up the table

One of the carts. quite a sedate way to travel in this world of hurry and speed.

Vicente's horse

Children are enjoying themselves.
 So that's my little tale for this week. I will end with one of my latest Gelli prints
Here he is in all his glory. This a gelli print background with the drawing of Tommy the toad done in coloured pencil. I do like working like this.
Bye for now.


  1. What kind of flavor/texture does Melva have? I do love that toad - toadally!!

  2. hey i liked this post. reminds me of lovely times in spain. Tommy the toad is grrrrrrreeeaaattttt ! gribbitt. ! X

  3. That's a fabulous toad, Melva - nothing fish about it at all! :D