Saturday, 6 October 2012

Is there anyone out there??????

Hello everyone, I have been very naughty not keeping on top of my blog. I don't know, but things just seem to get in my way, don't ask me what though?????? I don't seem to have got much artwork done either. The weather has now got down to lovely temperatures AND you can sleep at night, walk the dog at normal times and generally get on with your life without dripping sweat everywhere. I think this summer has been one of the longest and hottest since we came to live here 24 years ago. PHEW!!!!!
Recently I bought a book by Flora Bowley. I have followed her blog for sometime now. I love her work. But, as I have a job letting go with my artwork, I thought I would give it a go. I have really enjoyed the experience. I have made a nice mess all over the floor, walls and myself but what the heck.........
I'm really sorry I didn't take pictures from the start of these two paintings as it is quite an unsual process but, very enjoyable. The one below I am working virtually as we speak. Just waiting for the paint to dry.

I forgot to take pictures when I first started so here are two works in progress, lots of work to do though. I will keep ploughing on. Hopefully I will not get too involved and start fiddling..... Bet I do though. HELP HELP.
This book has been a real find. I'm loving it.


  1. Hello s stranger, there you are wondered what you have been doing and now I know. Your creative muse is back. xo

    1. Hi Annette, lovely to hear from you. I am pleased to be getting back to normal. But next week we're off to the UK, so no doubt things will come to a halt then?????? Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Hi Melva, I agree with you about the HEAT!!! I cannot remember it being this hot for this long either - whew!!!
    Your new paintings look lovely although I must admit I liked your earlier ones too. It is difficult letting go but you seem to have managed it with ease. Enjoy the coolness of the UK - will be there myself soon as daughters baby is due in 5 weeks - or so xx

  3. oh melva so good to see you back!!!! Are you back? Be back!!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Hello there, Yes here I am. I have been to the UK for a break to see my brother & friends. So here I am ready to rumble (I think???????)Great to hear from you. Thanx.

  5. Melva, I hope you come back. Have a happy new year!