Sunday, 17 March 2013

Las Fallas in Denia

Start of "Las Fallas"

Here she is in her full glory. I really hope it not going to rain before Tuesday.


The fallas began as a festival celebrated by local artisans in honour of Saint Joseph. In the Valencian Comminity this festival dates back to the second half of the 18th century, when it was just a simple festivity held as part of the proceedings involved in the general Saint Joseph's day celebrations on the 19th March.

Well I'm back...... John and I (that's my husband) have just arrived back from a town quite close to us called Denia it's about 7 kilometers away. We went to experience Las Fallas. The first days of "Las fallas" celebration start with the "la planta" or the building of "Las Fallas", they  are enormous constructions, massive works of art in papier maché and wood.  This started on the 15th  March. After that it's when the party really gets started. Culminating on San José the 19th March when the "crema" the burning takes place. This brings the fiesta to a close. But what a close. Go onto You Tube and take a look. These massive works of art take a year to construct and then sadly are burnt to the ground.The Falleras/os then start raising money for next year.............The Fallas in Valencia are even bigger and more amazing still can't get my head round them being burnt. Most of them have a real knock at politcians or someone from the area constructors being the main grumble around here. There are little cards all round these statues with a point to be made!!! Nice when you can do that.

Here are some of the smaller festeras/os followed by local bands really enjoying themselves. I think by the end of the day the little ones are ready for bed.


Now, this is just one of the eleven Fallas. You cannot believe how tall they are. They are genuinely major works of art. 


Front & back view.

All The red notices around the Fallas are telling little tales about politicans, local rougue builders and many other little gems.

Everything ends with a good Valecian Paella cooked in the street.

This is how it all ends on Tuesday. BOO HOO........

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