Sunday, 23 June 2013

Gelli plate printing

Well hello all, this post as usual has been a long time coming. But I have a little excuse. I have been doing an on line course with Carla Sonheim for Gelli Plate Printing. This has been great. I have loved it. It has become a minor obsession in my life. Well, hey I don't have much else. Makes me sound a very sad person!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will include some of my work below. Meanwhile here in Sunny Spain it's very hot. So the acrylic paint is drying up very quickly. It definitely needs an extender in it. So do I??????
I have had some wonderful Mail Art sent to me from people in the USA via Mail Me Some Art. It is really nice as when you go to the post box and there's something nice in there instead of the usual bill. GREAT........ I will take some pictures and put them up on my blog soon.
Here's "Bilko" my lovely rescue dog. I took a picture of him. Then played with the picture in Pic Monkey. When I was happy with it I then transferred the said picture onto my gelli print with black acrylic paint. Doesn't he look nice???

This is the same process but using a picture of Georgina.

Same process just different gelli plate print.

Same again.

Here is a typical Carla Sonheim type drawing. I used gel pens and coloured pencils for this one.

This is an accordion book made with a sheet of water colour paper printed on the gelli plate.

Another handmade book made with a gelli plate print.

This is the inside of the book.
These are three smaller prints. I cut a stencil from card to make the organic shapes.

The top one of these was done on old book page.

Here are two mosaics of some of my work.

Here's Ginty the giraffe, Roland the rat, Lily the llama. I really should get out more. Ha Ha.

Well I'm off back to do some more printing you can't stop me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I took the same class with Carla and have also fallen in love with the gelli plate. You, however, have taken it to a whole new level. Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing these creations. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Oh how fun, I have a Gelli plate but have not gotten that fancy. Love what you are doing my dear and think the giraffe is my fav of all. Have a great time creating. xoxoxox

  3. I'm delighted I found your blog...wonderful work! Hope you will keep posting. I had a wonderful friend named Melva. I love the name and I miss her!

    1. Hello there Peggy, thanks for your lovely comment. On one of my earlier blogs a wrote a little piece about my name if you get a minute take a look. It may make you smile and think about your lovely friend that you miss so much........Hope to hear from you again. I'm afraid I have been a little bit naughty as far as my work and my blog are concerned. Slapped wrists. I will have to work harder!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh how funny that our stencils look so similar! I love those shapes! SO fun/funky!

  5. Your images look like stencils and are just great. Nice work!

  6. What great prints! Thanks for sharing with A Colorful Gelli Print Party!

  7. I love the black prints on gelli background. They stand out really well. And that giraffe is gorgeous :)

  8. I love your work! I was wondering how you transferred the photo of the dog with acrylic paint. Did you cut a stencil?