Friday, 25 November 2011

Here we go again

Well, I'm back again I wanted to show pictures of new journal page but silly camera has gone and died on me. So it will have to go to the camera hospital. Hope the nice camera doctor can get it working again. Fingers crossed. No extra euros for a new one.
So, I will show you some of my other artwork for now, until we are up and running again.
By the way it has actually stopped raining today. But I & everyone else have webbed feet now.
I follow Carla Sonhiems blog and each week she sends via email  a blob of paint or something that you have to look at turn around and try to find something that you see in it and create a picture. This was just cracks in a pavement and I saw Nellie. Strange mind I have!!!!! Her e-course The art of silliness looks a blast and one of these fine days (if we get anymore) I will subscribe.
Here's a card I made for a Spanish couples wedding day. I went to a course in Javea quite some time ago and the lovely Sue showed us how to make one like it. She has an Aladins cave of crafty things there. Her shop is called Art Y Facts. She also has a blog check it out.
Well I am going to trot off now to start the wood burner going. Who say's oh to live in sunny Spain? Not me..........

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