Sunday, 15 January 2012

San Antoni ( The blessing of the animals)

This is Biri with his horse getting ready to get the Saint in position on his cart for the parade.

This is the start of the parade. You can't quite see the two small children trying to push two rabbits in a cage, in a wheel barrow. (wheel barrows seem to play a big part in the proceedings today.
Here's Biri with the Patron Saint of the animals. Sorry it's not all gold and blingy. But it's all we could afford in these days of austerity.

This is breakfast being prepared in a wheel barrow (another one) You can see the wine and beer in the fore ground. This is very important to breakfast in Spain???????? My husband is taking the picture but as you can see not to far from the food.
Well today is San Antoni here in sunny Spain. The day when off you trot down to the village with any animal you wish to have blessed. Hence dogs, cats, rabbits birds were all being dragged down there this morning. My husband was up at the crack of dawn getting one of his friends horses ready. He didn't know he was about to be blessed as well. Bless him!!!!!! He ended up in the cart being paraded round the village. He only    went for the breakfast. This you can see being cooked in the make-shift barbeque, the wheel barrow. Pretty good at improvising the Spanish. I hasten to add John got home around three o clock after doing a bar crawl on the horse & trap. Not bad for a Sunday.........

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