Sunday, 19 February 2012

Quick Hello

Hello is there anyone out there???????
Just a quick blog to show you what I have been doing on my on line art course. I am so out of my comfort zone it is untrue.............We were told to make a mixed media background and then add a bit of girly glam. So here she is!!!!!!!!! This is the start of the work.
Below is a close-up of her fascinator (is that how you spell it)???????
Below is a close up of the building up of the layers in the mixed media work.
Again below is the texture of the stencilling. I really quite like this.
Hope You are all keeping warm???????


  1. yes I am here, always having a look. truly amazing, stuff, Melva. xxx

  2. Fabulous Melva!!! I really enjoyed learning from Traci... even though I don't do faces!!! I love your painting! You are awesome!!! Thanks for visiting my blog... it means so much to have beautiful people checking in from time to time! Have a great week Melva!!!

  3. hi melva, thank you for your nice words over at my place... : ) xoxo lynne

  4. Hi. Thanks for sharing your blog at Strathmore Online - you're not alone in blogland! Your girly glam looks gorgeous. I started Traci's workshop but didn't finish it - sidetracked by other things. I hope to find time to go back to it eventually.

  5. Hi oh Strathmore is great for us to link together. Enjoying the blogs and we artistic sisters getting together. xo