Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Need to get back in my art room.....

These are a few pages from my art journal that I have been working on lately. I seem to have thrown every technique that I have learnt. Including UTEE. But have enjoyed the process.
This page has been sprayed with watercolour paints. Also a little UTEE that I stamped out.

This page even has a little bit of sewing going on. That's brilliant for me!!!!!! as I am not the worlds best seamstress. Plus the obligatory UTEE stamped out with coloured paper underneath.

This even I do not know what is going on here. Strange that. All of these pages where taken from a watercolour painting that wasn't working for me. The new age of recycling
My work at the moment seems to be going on a different path. Which I suppose is a good thing? I don't know where it's going though?????
Hopefully I will knuckle down and finish something soon?


  1. Dear Melva, Thank you so much for your comment on my blog creativahoy, I enjoy your blog I think you
    are very talented. I have been doing art for about 2 years and every day is a learning experience, I am going to suscribe to your blog...have a wonderful day

  2. Hi Melva,

    Thanks for leaving your comments. really nice thaT SOMEONE MAKES THE EFFORT TO SAY SUMMAT. oops didn't mean to shout. jen x

  3. Melva, I have tried to put a link of your blog, onto my blog, if you see what I mean. I say, when you get the time, would you have a go at doing something funky with a pic of our narrowboat, I would obviously pay you. I am just finding the stuff you are doing awesome, You should be have a show or whatever it is artists do

  4. I love your journal pages Melva - they are so free and interesting. Lovely colours too. I keep admiring other people's journals but haven't yet plucked up the courage to try making one myself.
    Thanks for dropping in to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
    See you again maybe.

  5. Just had a quick flick through your previous posts - your art work is amazing - I would be happy with half your talent. Beautiful photos too - very inspiring posts.

  6. These pages are gorgeous - who cares where they came from its where they are going that matters!!!and you are going in the right direction. xx