Saturday, 7 April 2012

Playing with Photoshop

Happy Easter everyone, I am sitting playing with Photoshop at the moment. I know I should be doing all the mundane things in life i.e housework, gardening, ironing. Oh no!!!! not me. I am locked away in my little room, playing. I wish I could find someone local to me to really show me the workings of this fabulous bit of kit. But no such luck. I have been using a book by Susan Tuttle called Digital Expressions which for me is brilliant, she takes you through things so easily. Well,  like you really haven't a grasp on anything. That's good for me then!!!!!!!!  It is a little frustrating sometimes as some of the jargon used in the book I suppose I should know. But HEY!!!!!!! what's a few mistakes and hours wasted?????? Well, here we go then.
 Bits of the pictures below where all used somehow????????

 This is one of the old buildings in our village it was used as a cultural centre but now we have a brand spanking new one. Very smart indeed.

This is were the local band has their practise sessions. We have a very good thriving local band. Nearly all the children here grow up playing an instrument of some kind. Which is wonderful.

This is a picture of our lovely old bridge that was damaged a few years ago in a very bad storm. This has now been replaced by a modern monstrosity. YUK!!!!!!!

This is a combination of the above photos fiddled with in Photoshop. I know I have a long way to go. But, I have to say I am enjoying myself in a frustrated kind of way.

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